The Hottest Grooming Trends Of 2021, And How To Achieve Them At Home

Despite being finally let out of the house (albeit fully masked), there is good news when it comes to grooming fellas; “the shabby-looking iso-beard is here to stay” says hair educator and former men’s hairdresser of the year Jules Tognini.

In fact, new research reveals guys are going a bit crazy when it comes to hair and grooming right now, with almost half (42 per cent) planning to experiment with a new grooming style as we enter the New Year.

With a return to normality, the research also revealed the motives between this need to experiment, and no, it’s no longer a result of iso-bordom. Reasons driving men to the clippers are:

1.     Socialising with friends (55%)

2.     Spending time with family (50%)

3.     Having more sex (27%)

Tognini, who can only be described as the ultimate groomoligist, has always been on point with his style predictions, and if the first 30 days of this year are proof, his predictions for 2021 seem on the money. Tognini, in collaboration with Bulldog Skincare, shared the top trends in grooming and shaving for 2021, along with tips for how we can best achieve them at home. Happy shearing lads.

The Taming of the Lockdown Beard

The iso-beard is here to stay, but it’s getting a makeover. 58 per cent of men say they’re planning to groom their face more and tidy up their iso-beard.

The moustache is having its mo-ment

As an emerging trend, the moustache is having its moment with one in ten guys looking to try a mo into summer and the new year.

“My one tip here is ensuring you keep your mo in check with the right razor,” says Tognini. “You don’t want to be caught looking like Yosemite Sam.”

Putting your best face forward

Skincare will be a big focus over the new year, with one in five men planning to reboot their skincare regime and use more male grooming products including moisturiser and face wash on a daily basis.

“Air conditioning can lead to dry, flakey skin,” advises Tognini. “So as we move into summer and the AC switches on, it’s important guys use a daily moisturiser to keep their skin in check.”