A Man-Proof Hack To See If Your Eggs Are Still OK To Eat

One of our favourite, nutrient packed balls of goodness are eggs. Eat them on your own, on the side of your smashed avo, or bake them into something greater if that’s your thing, there’s no denying they are the gift that keeps on giving. Muscle gainssleep gainstaste gains… it’s safe to say they’re verging on ‘superfood’ territory.

However, we’re also men. Although we set out with the best of intentions following a healthy food shop, trips to the pub and take away options mean that our fresh food admittedly gets left in the fridge, forgotten about for days. OK weeks. Occasionally months.

And while it’s usually quite easy to identify rotting food (mouldy cheese, manky vegetables, and stinky meat), eggs are a tough one to crack (…get it?). Yes there’s the ‘best by’ date on the packet, but do you really want to throw away a 12 pack of goodness if you don’t have to?

Well luckily there is a really, really simple way to tell if your eggs are still in season. Follow these simple man-proof steps to check if they’re alright to eat, after all, if there’s one thing we love more than eggs, it’s a genius life hack:

  • Fill a bowl with cold water
  • Place your eggs in the bowl, gently!
  • If your eggs sink to the bottom and tip on their side, then scramble those bad boys up, they’re good to go
  • If the eggs sink but sit on their end, they’re not super fresh, but still OK to eat, so get frying
  • If your eggs floats, sad times. Unfortunately that little sphere of deliciousness has gone bad, so play it safe and ditch them in this case