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Well, it’s a long story…

In 2020, former editor and content director of Men’s Health Australia, Scott Henderson, started a weekly email send out to his contacts on topics surrounding men’s health and lifestyle.

When Men’s Health magazine closed in Australia (and Goop ignored his pleas for employment), he sought an avenue to continue sharing information and stories surrounding men’s health, in particular the challenges that face our mental health during the shit-storm that is 2020. After all, just because Men’s Health stopped, men’s health and wellness as a topic remains more relevant than ever.

There are so many experts with knowledge to be shared, and so many stories to be told, and now being independently owned, no story is off limits. If we come across information that could better the life of one man, in our minds, it’s worth sharing.

Turns out… the story is not really that long.


Well shoe-t, you’re right! But think about all the times you put on a pair of sneakers; to hit the gym, to go for a run, to run errands… these are all times when you are intentionally seeking out self-improvement. Even when you pair a suit with sneakers, you’re injecting a sense of life and energy into your work wardrobe. Imagine if you could live your life in sneakers, always in pursuit of betterment. That’d be fucking rad, and it’s what we aim to do.

Plus, the name Men’s Health was already taken.


Whilst we may seem small and minimal in our current form, everything has been designed for the purpose of passing on the tools for bettering yourself, and the world around you. Hell, even the design of this site, with its bleak black background, was implemented to save the battery life on your phone and reduce the impact on our energy resources… even if minutely. We’ll keep working with experts, interviewing legends and passing on health and lifestyle related advice while the demand exists.