These Naked Crumbed Barramundi Tacos Are Even Better Than They Sound

Celebrity chef and trainer Richard Kerrigan knows his way around a healthy recipe. After leaving school when he was sixteen, Kerrigan went on to study Catering & Hospitality at Thanet College. During this time he was skilled enough to be selected to go and work at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle at some of the most exclusive events in the world, including Charles and Camilla’s wedding. .

What followed was a perfect storm of nutrition, cooking and personal training, culminating in 10 years of working with clients of all levels to achieve their goals by eating better and following a structured exercise plan.

His experience as a chef has enabled him to create simple, delicious dishes to suit the busy lifestyles we all lead today. He manages to show that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, without feeling like you are missing out or on a diet.

And these naked tacos are the perfect place to start…

Naked Crumbed Barramundi Tacos [Serves 2]

Crumbed barramundi tacos.jpg


  • 2 large barramundi fillets, skinless

  • 6 large gem lettuce leaves

  • 1/2 bag slaw mix (carrot, red cabbage, beetroot, kale)

  • 1 green chilli, finely sliced

  • 2 tbs mayonnaise

  • 6-8 baby pickles, roughly chopped

  • 1/2 bunch chives, finely chopped

  • 1 bunch radishes, finely sliced

  • 1/2 bowl panko breadcrumbs

  • 1 lemon

  • Red and green chilli sauce, habanero

  • Salt & pepper

  • Extra virgin olive oil


  • Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees. Open up the paper your fish was wrapped in and place the fish right in the middle. Drizzle olive oil over the top of both fillets and rub well into the fish on both sides.

  • Add a good pinch of salt and pepper to the panko crumbs then generously scatter over the fish pressing it into the flesh. Repeat both sides then place the fish onto an oven tray lined with greaseproof paper. Scatter the rest of the crumbs over the top creating a nice crust and ensuring all of the flesh is well covered.

  • Finally drizzle a little more oil over the top and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the fillets.

  • Mix the mayonnaise, chives and baby pickles together in a small bowl then add the juice from half a lemon along with 2 tsp green chilli sauce and give it one final stir.

  • Wash the lettuce cups and arrange on a large serving plate, add a small handful of raw slaw to each cup.

  • Once the fish is cooked leave to rest for 2 minutes and squeeze the other half of the lemon over the top.

  • Slice the crumbed fillets on the angle aiming for 4-5 thick pieces from each fillet. Carefully lay the fish on top of the lettuce cup then spoon over a few teaspoons of spicy mayonnaise. Top with fresh radish, chilli flakes, red chilli sauce and any left over crumbs from the tray.