Inside Out Grooming – The Best Supplements For Healthy Skin

This article originally appeared on THE MISTR.

It’s all too easy to think of skin care as an outside in affair. As in what you put on it. It’s actually the reverse that really counts.

Without a good diet of fresh vegetables, whole grains and lean protein plus adequate hydration from water, you’re already at a disadvantage. Add the pollutants that come from living in an urban centre plus the sweat from your regular workouts and you could probably do with a bit of a helping hand. That’s where skin supplements come in.

Think of them as steroids for your skin without the tedious business of having to pee in a bottle at work. They’ve also come a long way from those giant capsules your mum used to take to stop herself vivisecting your siblings with a carving knife from the time she hit her 40s.

Most can be added to a smoothie and sunk like a shot and within days, you’ll begin to see results. They generally work by supplying bulk antioxidants which minimise free radical cell damage and boost the body’s own production of skin-firming collagen.

And no, put that credit card away. You don’t snort them.

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The Grey | Daily Vitamin Intake System

In just the same way that exercise and diet are both half the equation to achieving optimal health, so too can this rule be applied to skincare. What we put in our bodies to nourish is just as important as what we put on the outside, maybe more so. Our topical skincare can only go so far, and while it is effective, if your diet is shit, your skin will be shit. The Grey have conceived a revolutionary product to round out your skincare regime with the Daily Vitamin Intake. Containing collagen, ingestible hyaluronic acid and killer list of antioxidants, your skin will never have looked better. Also contains vitamin D for muscle support.

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Body Science | Collagen Regenerate

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and is responsible for supporting major muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin. Saying we could do with some more collagen to live is the understatement of the century. We need collagen to thrive and Body Science’s Collagen Regenerate sits atop the pantheon.

Good to know: Collagen Regenerate has no flavour so you can enjoy in your morning shake without worry.

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Bear | Repair Protein

If you’re training on the reg, chances are you’re already using a protein supplement. The truth with a lot of these is they are full of chemicals and fillers. With Repair, you are getting a no-nonsense product featuring the only plant derived protein containing all 20 essential amino acids for optimal bio availability and digestion. This means your body is fully able to absorb and use all of the protein for optimal efficacy. Also containing omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, antioxidants Vitamin E, C and A, and minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc for healthy skin Repair will improve muscle repair and normal bone health.

Good to know: All BEAR products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, certified organic and proudly Australian.