3 Steps To Unlocking Some Serious Career BDE

You know what you want, deep down, everybody does. Sure, it takes effort and time, and sometimes pain, to uncover it – but there it is. If you want that unstoppably confident, fulfilling and joyful career, be honest. In this time of peace and prosperity (sans pandemics) we suffer the gluttony of choice. Every single day people second guess their career and the only solution to knowing what career to choose is in truly knowing oneself. The solution? Honesty and self-trust.

The following three honesties will move you to discover yourself and your own fulfilling career. A career you love and a career you can be confident in. You just you need to be honest with yourself, honest with your future and honest in your decisions.

Honest To You

Self-honesty means self-aware. Give yourself a moment, ask yourself the questions and honestly pay attention to who you are and who you want to be. To live your days full of joy and reward you must be able to regularly answer, honestly:

●      What did I love doing today?

●      What would I do today regardless of obligation?

●      When do I feel most energetic during the day?

Confidence comes when you answer from within, it’s not about anyone else. Don’t give yourself the expected answer, don’t give the automated response. Give the response that holds meaning, just for you.

Honest To Your Future

Create a future with more of what you truly want. Look at your current path and honestly reflect, is what I am doing right now leading to the career that I truly desire?

An exercise to honestly take stock of where you are heading is to assess the people you spend your time with.

●      Am I destined to become my boss? Do I want to?

●      Do my friends have similar ambitions to me? Will they support me on my journey?

●      Who in my life/my world do I want to become?

Give yourself your honest answers and then confidently take action toward what you want.

Honest Decisions

Now you are honest with who you are and honest about what you want, you can make the honest daily decisions that will get you there.

Our life is an accumulative result of all the decisions we’ve made. A decision either moves you toward or away from your most confident, fulfilling career. You know what the correct decisions are – the honest ones, collect them and soon enough you will find yourself in the career you’ve always longed for.

Unshakable self-confidence can be found in your career… with honesty. When faced with limitless choice, the hardest part is making any choice at all. For a career you love and a career you can be comfortably confident in, be honest with yourself, honest with your future and honest with every single decision.