Calum Von Moger’s 5 Tips For Beginner Bodybuilders

Calum Von Moger, Australia’s answer to Arnie, knows his way around a muscle. So when the US-based superstar of bodybuilding dishes out advice for new gym-goers, you take a knee, pull out your notepad and listen.

Moger, who’s recently starred in bodybuilding film Bigger as Schwarzenegger, has had a rough time of late, with a spate of injuries hindering his training. With a DVT scare, followed by a torn bicep, and the recent passing of his dog Rex, the main man of bodybuilding has shown another dimension to his strength and resilience. It’s most likely these setbacks, and his positive attitude towards getting back to his physical best, that has spurred self-reflection about his roots, and where his bodybuilding journey started.

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“From day one that I set out to fulfill my dreams,” Von Moger said on the ‘Gram. “I have been faced with challenges and hardship. But not one has ever been hard enough that I couldn’t get through.. Life doesn’t get any easier, so you have to become stronger.”

Von Moger shares an enourmous amount of his life on social media, mostly surrounding his training, diet, training advice and more recently, his own experiences with recovery. Occasionally, his posts are targeted at less frequent gym junkies; the ones who are just starting out and may be intimidated to start off on their own fitness journey.

The advice, while good for those looking to get into bodybuilding and pack on muscle mass, might not be the best for overall fitness however, as is apparent by Calum’s advice to not “get distracted by people or CrossFit”.

Shots fired.

“If you wanna be big you need to do these,” advises Australia’s ‘biggest’ export in the post. So if super-sized muscle is your goal, read up and get lifting. After all… “The gains will come.”

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5 Bodybuilding Tips Direct From CVM

– Practice good form/technique before trying to take on heavy weights
– Warm up, stretch properly before starting, drink plenty of water/BCAAs, stay focused don’t get distracted by people or CrossFit
– Prioritise free weights and compound exercises in your program like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, barbell rows, dumbbell curls and presses. These ones help build a strong foundation for you later. If you wanna be big you need to do these
– Increase your protein intake, especially after a workout
– And… enjoy your workouts, have fun, don’t rush. The gains will come it takes time. Just be patient. It’s a great feeling having muscles… I recommend them to everyone.