Chris Hemsworth Thinks You’re F*cking Brilliant In The Ultimate Gee-Up Video

Christopher Hemsworth has once again proved why he is universally adored, smooth, always there for you when you need him and the object of your missus’ greatest desires. He’s essentially Nutella in human form.

In a recently surfaced viral tweet the God of Thunder is seen delivering a stirring message, especially for you. Yes, YOU.

While the origins of the video are unknown, the hint of a Netflix ‘swoosh’ suggest it was most likely a promo for the streaming behemoth filmed in support of Hemsy’s smash hit blockbuster, Extraction.

For convenience, and for you to screenshot, save and refer back to in times of doubt, we’ve included a transcript of the new national anthem below.

Hey You!
Yes, yes, yes, you.

Today is your day. You got this.
You’re absolutely crushing it at everything you do.
From your job to maintaining a social life to pursuing your passion projects… you are killing it.
Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise because you… you’re amazing.

The only thing more beautiful than your smile is your personality.

You’re more than capable to take on the world, the whole world, by storm.

Speaking of the world, did you know that it’s a better place because you’re in it?
I mean, your mum brags about you all the time.
Dogs love you.

You’re strong, you’re confident, you’re intelligent, you’re charismatic.
You’re the total package.

On a scale from one to ten you are an eleven.
You make me want to be a better man.

You are, you’re bloody brilliant.
You’re fucking brilliant.

Don’t forget it OK?
Do not forget it.

Take the day by storm and remember this:
I’m proud of you.
I’m so proud of you.


Thanks Chris. We needed that.
Stay strong, and always remember, “you are fucking brilliant”.