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‘Death By Burpees’… This Workout Speaks For Itself

Why, oh why did you click on an article titled ‘Death By Burpees’?! If you’re a sucker for punishment (which you clearly are), this is the workout for you. And what a way to go!

Burpees are a staple exercise of most quality workout programs because they manage to hit almost every part of your body, while also intensely elevating your heart rate—and it does all that with no equipment. They’re the perfect blend of resistance and cardio that torches fat and you can whip out a burpee anywhere, anytime; all you need is 1meter of space.

This particular burpee workout is brutally simple, and crushingly difficult; it’s a beautiful beast that can floor the greatest of athletes. Often used as a finisher to a longer workout (but more than enough as a workout on its own), starting slow, the intensity increases sharply as the clock ticks down.

To get involved, follow the simple ‘Death By Burpee‘ instructions below:

Set a running clock, completing just one burpee in the first minute. For the second minute, complete 2 burpees. For the third… you guessed it, 3 burpees. Continue climbing, burpee by burpee and minute by minute, until failure.

The challenge is to climb as high as you can, pushing through the pain barrier, and accumulating as many burpees as possible. Anywhere over 10 minutes is huge, 15 burpees is phenomenal, and 20 burpees… well you should be writing workouts like this; you are a true conqueror of pain.

Record your score, hit the gym for another month, and retest. With any luck you’ll have increased mental fortitude, strength, and engine power to beat your score, even if it’s by one minute. Hey, in this game, one minute can equal 20 extra burpees!