EPISODE 3: Jacinta McDonell

On this episode of the podcast we chat to Jacinta McDonell, mum of three, wellness entrepreneur, speaker and board director.

Jacinta is an icon of the Australian health and wellness industry, rising to fame when she co-founded Anytime Fitness in Australia in 2008 with her brother. Since then she has gone on to become the Founder of W1LL and the Board Director and Founder of A Founders Path.

Giving back to the community is imperative to Jacinta, and led her to founding the Human Kind Project which has raised over $2 million enabling businesses to build brand equity while creating social change.

The accolades have deservedly followed; Jacinta was inducted into the Fitness Hall of Honour and has been a Telstra business woman finalist. She’s even received the call up to Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson.

Jacinta’s success stems from a deep empathy, something she believes is key in building and scaling a business.

She’s passionate about business, about wellness, about family and about personal growth, and she kindly sat down with me to share her secrets to success.

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