Hakuna Frittata: Sweet Potato, Eggs And A Whole Lotta Gains

What you eat after you lift can be just as important as the work you’re putting in at the gym. But your regular post-workout shake might not be doing your muscles any favors. Consuming protein along with healthy carbs in whole food sources may be more effective at sparking muscle growth than just eating protein alone, new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutritionsuggests.

“All of these non-protein food components may be helping dietary amino acids to support the post-workout muscle building response,” explains study author Nicholas A. Burd, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

And what better super-carb is there than the tastiest of them all… sweet potato.

Containing close to 30g of carbs in a small 150g serve, sweet potato isn’t just great for bulking up, it’s packed with Vitamin C too, notes Burrell. According to a study by the Loughborough University,cortisol levels can soar as a result of a carb-deficient diet, compromising the immune system. So sweet potato is a great perfect combination of carbs and nutrients to keep you on your feet.

Luckily, we can have a solid dose of both of these man-friendly super foods thanks to Rebecca Gawthorne from Nourish Naturally who has teamed up with Australian Eggs to create a wholesome sweet potato Spanish omelette full of protein and perfect for any time of day.



  1. Slice sweet potato into 1/2cm thin slices.

  2. Coat sweet potato in 2 tbs olive oil & place onto a 24cm diameter fry pan, evenly covering the base of pan.

  3. Turn stove on medium heat & place lid on fry pan. Cook until sweet potato is cooked though.

  4. In a large bowl, place 5 eggs (whites & yolk) & whisk. Add milk, onion, carrot, garlic chives & 1 tsp curry. Mix. Add 1 tbs olive oil & mix.

  5. Pour over cooked sweet potato in pan. Reduce heat to low and cover with lid to cook evenly for approx. 10min. Take off lid, top with sliced zucchini & remaining curry.

  6. Place under heated grill without lid until top is crispy & golden brown.

  7. Remove from pan, slice & enjoy.