The Essential Pieces Needed To Create Your Home Gym

Don’t be fooled, unless you have a commercial-sized empty space at your disposal, it’s going to be near impossible to recreate the look and feel of a traditional gym in your house. However there are some pieces you can pick up relatively cheap, that allow you to recreate most gym-based workouts in the privacy of your garage, kitchen or spare room. Yes, you’ll need to get creative sometimes (ironing board benches anyone?!), but it’s a hell of a lot better than staring down another day of body weight squats and push ups.

Unfortunately for us, these aren’t paid endorsements, and we hear you… there are a lot of items not listed here that would be ideal if budget and space limitations didn’t exist; but alas, ergs and squat racks can set you back thousands of dollars… Not extremely pandemic friendly prices.

Rather, these are a few pieces that will see you through a variety of strength and conditioning workouts, are affordable and most importantly, are in stock right now. Think of them as the basics, the jeans and white tee of workout equipment. Because lockdown or not, there’s something nice about having the tools for a solid workout within reach at all times.

Boxing Equipment

Plates & Weights