Legs, Chest, Shoulders AND Triceps? Yes, Please

This week’s Workout of the Week comes from another Melbournite, who not only retained a connection with his clients throughout the world’s strictest lockdown, but grew a thriving business as a result of his supreme ability to adapt.

Jeremy Gleeson, founder of the Sweat Lift Method and contender for Victoria’s biggest rig, has been pumping out workouts and sharing them across his social channels since the beginning of the pandemic. After personally test-driving his programming for over two months now, I can safely say it’s the mix of strength, conditioning and creative programming that has kept me coming back for more, each and every day.

This workout is classic Jez, a combination of compound lifts that done correctly, will activate musculature you didn’t know you had. Legs and upper body? Por que no los dos?!

For more of Jeremy’s workouts you can follow him on the ‘Gram, or join his program.

5 Sets

8 x Deadlift
16 x Bridged Press

3 Sets

8 x Strict Press
8.8 x Split Stance RDL
16 x Skull Crusher