Kris Smith Has 5 Simple Tips To Beat Burnout, And Boy Do We Need Them

New research polling over 1000 Aussies shows that almost half (49 per cent) of all employed Aussies are finding it harder than ever to stay alert at work. And no, we were not involved in the study, but would probably fall in that statistic! One in three (31 per cent) say they’re finding it hard to stay motivated while lacking both physical energy (28 per cent) and mental sharpness (30 per cent).

To help beat the end of year burnout, the worlds most genetically blessed pair, health and fitness experts Kris Smith and Sarah Boulazeris, have pulled together their top tips for staying energised and alert at work.

Easy tips, simple to follow and completely doable whether you’re still working from home or back in the trenches.

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Desk Detach

Commit to a minimum of 30 minutes away from the desk or work environment every day. And while you’re at it, add in some exercise! It doesn’t have to be extreme – an at home bodyweight workout, fitness class, or even brisk walk outside can do the trick.

Back In 60 Seconds

Our work day can be full of action, but we often miss out on time to reset and re-energise. Challenge yourself to set aside 60 seconds every hour to clear the mind and refocus your mental energy.

Food For Thought

Organise your meals each day. When we prepare and plan, we make better choices. If we focus on having a healthy balanced diet we can fuel a strong mental and physical output.

Zone Out

Set aside two slots of allocated time in your working week to do something you’re passionate about. Read a book, mediate, listen to your favourite podcast or watch a movie. As long as it inspires you (and isn’t work).

Energy Boost

Many of us could use an additional energy boost. Clinically proven vitamin and mineral supplements, like Berocca Performance, are proven to enhance physical energy and mental sharpness when taken daily for 28 days.