How To Prep Ten Meals For Under Forty Bucks

I’m going to kick this bad boy off by going full confessional; I’m a health editor yet my bank statement reads like a transcript of someone stuck in an Uber Eats-induced glitch in the matrix. The ‘treat yourself’ attitude of late-March lockdown has well and truly become habit six months later, and my bank balance and health has taken a hit as a result. No amount garage workouts that can undo the damage caused by a daily burrito bowl delivered to my door by my local Uberologist, no matter how delicious.

With that in mind, I recently decided to jump back on the meal-prep bandwagon I adopted pre-COVID, mostly for my health. Yes, we had one warm weekend and thought of parading the corona-kilos around the beach was slightly terrifying. Yet it wasn’t until I was scanning my last pack of lean turkey mince at the Woolies self-checkout that I remembered why I jumped on board batch cooking in the first place. By prepping 10 meals at once, I had lunch and dinner sorted Monday to Friday, and all for less that $40. Sure, there’s a severe sense of monotony eating the same meal over and over each day, but monotony is very on brand for 2020.

See below the shopping list that eventually turned into 10 healthy meals.

The Meal

100g Lean Turkey Mince
75g Rice
Assorted Vegetables and Avocado

The Shopping List

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 11.45.52 am.png