These Are The Top 25 Most Common Passwords, According To Hackers

Be warned, the internet is watching. If you’re one of those people who have the same password for every single account, then you might want to rethink your password, as this is one list you don’t want to be on.

SplashData, a leading software security firm, has released its annual list of the most common passwords, and despite multiple high profile hacks and data breaches (looking at you Facebook), it seems as though we don’t learn.

For the fourth consecutive year in a row, ‘password’ and ‘123456’ have topped the list, with the company estimating that up to 3 per cent of the world has used this password at some point. They also estimate that 10 per cent of us have used one of the passwords on the top 25 list.

SplashData’s list is compiled from password data leaked by hackers from more that 5 million victims.

So what do hackers look for when trying to break into our Gmail accounts?

“Hackers are using common terms from pop culture and sports to break into accounts online because they know many people are using those easy-to-remember words,” SplashData CEO Morgan Slain told Fortune in 2017.

That perhaps explains why ‘starwars’ and ‘football’ have all featured on the list. We’re sure ‘seaspiracy’ and ‘pfizer’ will work their way up the list.

Check out the top 25 list below, and word of advice; if your password is on the list, change it quickly!

Top 25 Most Common Passwords

  1. 123456

  2. Password

  3. 12345678

  4. qwerty

  5. 12345

  6. 123456789

  7. letmein

  8. 1234567

  9. football

  10. iloveyou

  11. admin

  12. welcome

  13. monkey

  14. login

  15. abc123

  16. starwars

  17. 123123

  18. dragon

  19. passw0rd

  20. master

  21. hello

  22. freedom

  23. whatever

  24. qazwsx

  25. trustno1