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4 Books To Help Cope With This Whole Shitshow

Have you watched the entirety of Netflix since lockdowns began in March? Same. And whilst signing up to Disney+ provided some additional release from the boredom of home-bound life, there’s a limit to how many times you can rewatch the Infinity Saga from start to end (that’s a lie, *insert ‘the limit does not exist’ gif).

However reciting Thor: The Dark World by heart is a clear indicator that it may be time to diversify your sources of entertainment. Luckily there are a few recently released books on the market to expand your horizons. Not only do they offer a great fill for the COVID-induced entertainment void (the COVOID?), but the books on this list also provide some non-traditional self help advice wrapped in incredible storytelling. So switch off the TV, turn the zoom camera off and stop scrolling for a few hours a day. It’s time to draw motivation from these great reads.


The Art Of Resilience – Ross Edgley

Full disclosure, there was no way a book by Ross Edgley, aka Poseidon reincarnate, was not going to make it on this list. The keenly awaited follow up to The World’s Fittest Book, Resilience offers lessons gathered from his swim around the isle of Britain. Yes, you read that correctly. The. Whole. Island.

Come for the tales of his adventures on the high seas, stay for the stoic sports science lessons along the way.

The Happiest Man On Earth – Eddie Jaku


It’s rare that I uncover a book that I don’t put down start to finish, but I managed to devour The Happiest Man On Earth in one afternoon. You’ll probably recognise 100 year old Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku from his viral 2019 Ted Talk, where he recounts the horrific events he endured during WW2 Germany. This book offers further insight into his experiences, and his incredible search for happiness after witnessing the worst of human nature.



Everything Is Fucked – Mark Manson


Despite the title, this book is actually quite hopeful. How? Well, essentially it’s devoted to highlighting the fact that yes, everything is fucked, but it has at some point in history been exponentially more fucked. The main takeaway: we are living in a time with the greatest tools and technology at our disposal, and although written pre-coronavirus, provides an optimistic outlook for the political turmoil facing the world in 2020.

Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari


Have you ever wondered how human kind ended up here? Like, really wondered how we evolved into the bat-eating shmucks that walk the Earth today? Maybe not, but it’s one hell of a story, and in a strange way it provides comforting reasoning for some of our biggest mistakes. And in the process, provides some solutions to right some of our wrongs.
We won’t lie, this one is a beast and can get quite dry, so have Google nearby for help on those larger words.


If you, or someone you know, is struggling with their mental health, chat to a medical professional and reach out to a support hotline:

Lifeline on 13 11 14

SANE on 1800 187 263

Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636