Flipping Out; An Introduction To Parkour With Dominic Di Tommaso

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Dominic Di Tommaso, or ‘Dom Tomato’ as he is known due to his viral Instagram fame, started freerunning back in 2007 following a background in ballet and figure skating and a full-time job as a garbage man.

Since taking up the sport, Tommaso’s freerunning has taken him all over the world for a variety of projects and he has become one of the more prolific content creators across a suite of digital platforms.

“I love freerunning, it gives me an outlet for my passion in movement without the restrictions or guidelines I found in other organised sports,” Dom told us when we caught up.

Watch below as Dom gives us some background into his involvement with the sport, where he hopes to see it grow and some beginner tips and tricks to get you started, just in case flipping over Sydney Harbour has been an unrealised goal of yours.

WATCH | Flipping Out: An Introduction To Parkour

Video by Jason Lee.