A Foolproof Guide To Great Summer Skin

Winter can be a harsh beast; on your waistline, on your bank balance and especially on your skin. Between La Niña’s audacious overstay, the lip-cracking wind, mask-induced acne and the drying effects of indoor heaters, your skin can quickly suffer at the hands of a mid-year temp drop rendering your skin a disaster come spring. However there is a simple skincare routine for men that will combat the ravages of winter.

Skincare rookie? Don’t worry, so were we – and apparently so are 39 per cent of Aussie men, according to recent research. A study conducted by Bastian Insights on over 1000 Aussie men found that only 41 per cent of men use facial skincare, despite dryness being the number one skincare concern for men (some 38 per cent).

“It is not emasculating to take care of yourself,” says co-founder of Aussie-grown vegan skincare line Tomorrow Skincare, Lewis Gyson. “There is no shame involved with any type of self-care, whether it be taking care of your skin, your mental health or physical health.”

“As men, we need to unlearn the years of emotional and physical deprivation that we have endured in the pursuit of masculinity. Caring for your skin may seem trivial but it is a major step in embracing self-care and breaking down these toxic traits.”

Thankfully there are some tips, tricks and products you can call upon to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated during the coming months. Armed with a few expert tips and products we’ve tried and tested a simple skincare routine for men is just around the corner; easy to follow, inexpensive and developed with dermatologists.

Welcome to a judgement-free, clear-skinned zone.

Put Dirt To Bed

Keep your face clean, and most importantly, wash your face before bed. Men have larger pores so going to bed at night without wiping away the dirt and grime from the day can cause and exacerbate all kinds of skin issues, and according to Tomorrow Skincare, a staggering 70 per cent of men are not adequately cleaning their faces.

A foaming cleanser removes impurities from your skin including pollutants, excess oil, dirt and sebum. All of these get into your pores throughout the day and night – and clogged pores can lead to blackheads and pimples. A good cleanser will be suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, hydrating and effectively removing dirt without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier, stripping the skin’s natural moisture or leaving it feeling tight and dry.

Sleep It Off

Get some sleep! This is key to reducing those tired puppy eyes, dark circles and marshmallow puffs. At least seven to eight hours a night will do the trick (if you can). Your body does its best work when you’re sleeping, including cell regeneration and skin repair, so give your skin a fighting chance and you’ll wake up feeling and looking refreshed.

Of course, a looming deadline or two can interrupt even the hardiest sleeper, so there are products that assist in fortifying your skin through vitamin delivery. Try a serum that includes vitamin C, niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B for healthy cell functioning), and collagen to enhance the skin’s protective surface barrier function and makes the skin glow. Collagen is the key structural protein in skin, but from the age of 20 years old and onwards, it starts to decline in the body resulting in the loss of that youthful appearance, sagging, and wrinkles. Unsubscribe, thank you very much.


Zoolander wasn’t far off the mark when he infamously coined the phrase “moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty”. If there is one thing you should be doing every day, male supermodel or not, it’s moisturising. Moisturising promotes the production of collagen, giving your skin more body and plumpness, encouraging elasticity, reducing the signs of ageing and restoring your skins natural sebum (oil) layer, trapping in moisture and protecting your skin. All of which promote healthy skin cell production and regeneration.

Tomorrow Skincare’s gel moisturiser hydrates and nourishes the skin by drawing moisture to the surface layer and forming an invisible barrier to ensure no moisture escapes. It contains Amino Acids and Peptides – like supplements for your skin – a true skincare multitasker and protection barrier for the day ahead. A simple skincare routine for men essential!


SPF is another an anti-ageing product, as exposure to the sun can cause your skin to age prematurely, leaving you with damaged, wrinkled and tough skin. Not mention the dangers of skin cancer (yes, even in winter!!). All you need is a light SPF to get you through the day.