Non-Negotiables When Hunting For Your Next Smart Watch


The world has come a long way from the calculator watches, Casios and Baby-Gs we thought sat at the intersection of both fashion and technology. These days, watches stand at a very different intersection, one with many more roads; fashion and tech remain, sure, but today’s watches are also part phone, computer and personal health monitoring device. And while we’ve had the better part of a decade to integrate these new devices into our lives, certain functionalities have risen to the top (while many have gone by the wayside).

It’s true, the Smart Watch has become somewhat of a defector PT in a post-pandemic existence, but there are a few other functionalities you should come to expect from a top of the range watch, beyond telling the time.

“Australians are continuing to invest in wearable technology to bring more balance and convenience to their busy lives,” added Garry McGregor, Vice President, Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics Australia. “Whether its to sync with their smartphone to help to organise their schedule on the run or connecting with their wireless headphones to make exercise and wellness more enjoyable – the innovations and functionality of [the] wearables category are incredibly exciting.”

 Here are our non-negotiables when investing in that next timepiece.

1.     Health & Wellness

sneakers being sneakers, our biggest ticket items are the wellness capabilities of a smart watch. However don’t just settle for a heart rate monitor here. The latest tech advancements from brands such as Samsung mean that you will now be able to measure blood oxygen saturation, take blood pressure and electrocardiogram readings and detect falls, alerting your loved ones or emergency services in case of an SOS situation.

2.     Style

Let’s be real, you don’t want to look like a spy kid when you’re wearing your watch. You know the look; chunky wrist band, chunky time piece, buttons everywhere. No, you want your watch to look like, well, a watch, and with watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, you can have that design right down to a bezel. The 80,000 watch faces available are just a bonus. Opt for something slim, with a stylish band. It is possible to hold onto style without sacrificing on functionality.

3.     Integration

Your smart watch should well and truly be able to function as a phone by now, meaning you don’t have to be tethered to your main device. Texting, taking calls, checking notifications… it’s all part and parcel, so smart watches produced by quality phone providers often provide the most seamless integration. Cellular connectivity that lets you make and take calls, send texts, etc. when your phone isn’t to hand? Yes, please and thank you.

4.     Battery Life

It seems that you must charge everything these days, from your phone to your car and your headphones. And yes, you must charge your smart watch. But rather than continuously worrying about running out of juice on the go.

This article was produced in collaboration with Samsung.