Music That Could Help You Save A Life

Knowing CPR is an invaluable skill. Each year 20,000 Aussies suffer from cardiac arrest, and only 10 per cent of those end up surviving. By training the bulk population to treat such incidences as first responders, 10s of thousands of lives could potentially be saved. And that’s the exact goal of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, endeavouring to teach the masses the important life-saving art of CPR.

However it’s their crowd-pleasing methods that have really caught the eye of media outlets (including sneakers.). According to a BuzzFeed journalist who recently took a CPR class at the hospital, the staff are instilling confidence in CPR-ers through the use of a curated playlist. Essentially, the playlist is comprised of songs that all have a tempo of 100 to 120 beats per minute, which is the ideal timing of compressions for CPR.

New York Presbyterian Hospital has created a CPR soundtrack.

And although we wish the headline to this article was pure click-bait, the truth is that Bieber’s hit Sorry is one of the key tracks from the playlist. While Bieber may not get your heart racing, he could have that effect on a cardiac arrest victim. Sorry.

Other classic hits that you can save lives to, according the playlist, are the Bee Gees’ Staying Alive, Lady Gaga’s Just Dance, and ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

If you’re not trained and certified to administer CPR, hold off before you start busting out some Justin Bieber on a victim’s rib cage. Always call 000 and follow professional guidance.