The Gladys Workout: Your New Daily 11am Sweat Session

Thank F we have the internet while we’re battling through the 2020s. Could you imagine going through locky-d even just 10 years ago? No Netflix, no Instagram, prehistoric memes, and no Zoom (well ok, it wouldn’t have been all bad).

Luckily, for the sake of our sanity, we live in the age of technology, connecting us up to some of the world’s greatest comedic minds. And, unsurprisingly, many of them are right here on home soil.

The latest viral trend of the current lockdown centres around NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s 11am press conference. A staple in lockdown life, many have come to manage their schedules by the Premier’s often dire updates. Yet gone are the days of betting on her jacket and the case numbers.

Credit: Instagram/gladysb

To inject a little frivolity to the daily presser, one unknown (pls reach out if you know who to credit!) comedian has created The Gladys Workout, run by the most unlikely of personal trainers, Ms Berejiklian herself, and it’s gone viral.

Taking place every day at 11am, participants are encouraged to tune in and complete certain movements based on Ms Berejiklian’s speech du jour. It’s basically your classic drinking game, ‘but make it fitness’.

Everytime Gladys says one of her signature catchphrases, complete the corresponding movement. Some of the more common phrases include “please know”, “jabs in arms” and “I can’t stress enough”… so get practicing those star jumps and burpees.

The routine plays out like this:

Credit: Instagram

Gladys’ daily briefings can take up to 30 minutes, providing ample opportunity to work up a sweat. Anyone familiar with the conferences will understand that this workout is based on some seriously overused catch phrases from Aunty Gladys, so our advice; hydrate and stretch at 10:45am, you’re going to need it.