Workout Of The Week: Full Body Scorcher With Trav Trent Randle

For those of us that didn’t give up on training when the world closed earlier this year, the shut down of gyms left us scrambling for home workouts. There really are only so many burpees, pushups and squats one can do.

Yet from the ashes of the fitness industry rose a few phoenixes (phoeni?) who managed to innovate, continuing to motivate and promoting movement among their followings, creating new fitness ventures in the process.

These heroes took to the Gram, sharing their knowledge and expertise for free in an effort to support their clients, and engage new individuals looking to stay physically and mentally sharp during an extremely tough time for all.

One such man is Melbourne’s Trav Trent Randle, manager at Bodyfit St Kilda and founder of The Yard. Trav is known for his sunny attitude, and stormy workouts, and has provided us with many a sweat session since lockdown. He’s a legendary bloke, but he knows how to craft an exceptionally painful assault on all of your major muscle groups. Essentially we love to hate the guy, and that is why his full body scorcher is our very first featured ‘Workout of the Week’.

Circuit One
20min AMRAP

10 D’Ball Squat
5 Devil Press
10 D’Ball Lunge
5 Devil Press

Circuit Two
20min EMOM

Min1: Plate Stack
Min2: Butterfly Sit Up

Plate Stack
5 Push Press
5 Plate Burpees
5 Lunge Press


Beginner | 10min Blocks
Intermediate | 16min Blocks
Advanced | 20min Blocks