Treat Yourself With The Ultimate Arm Workout

At sneakers we’re big subscribers to functional movements and full body training, but with the clusterfuck that is 2020, gym closures, and the inclination to try something (anything!!) new and different, we’ve journeyed into the foray of old school body building workouts… because what the hell purpose does functional training serve if we don’t have sports and events to train for. And you know what, these workouts have actually served one hell of a purpose.

Not only do they promote mirror muscles – yes, if you’re honest you do want them – they also strengthen joints, accessory muscles and larger muscle groups used in both sports and every day movements. And we’re man enough to admit, they’re kind of fun to throw into the training mix every now and then.

For pure pleasure, or a party pump before date night, chuck this arm workout into the mix… even if it’s just to shake up the monotony of iso-training a little.

Complete 4 rounds of each superset, with 90 seconds break between each superset.

Superset 1

21 reps without dropping the barbell
– 7 wide grip supinated bicep curls
– 7 supinated bicep curls
– 7 close-grip bicep curls

15 bodyweight tricep dips

Superset 2

12 dumbbell hammer curls
[one are curls out the 12 reps, while the other holds the dumbbell static at 90 degrees]

15 barbell skull crushers

Superset 3

15 banded/cable tricep pulldowns

12 heavy waiter curls

Superset 4

12 single arm cross body hammer curls

12 single arm overhead dumbbell tricep extensions

12 single arm concentration curls