Vax Tracks: Spotify Reveals The Songs We’re Getting Jabbed To

So often we use music to chronicle the major events in our lives; birthdays, holidays, romances. Why should working towards ending a pandemic be any different? As it turns out, it’s not, with almost 8000 Spotify users creating vaccine-related playlists since January 1st this year according to the streaming service.

The vax-tracks themselves are mostly super upbeat, positive, hopeful and really capture the spirit of doing something that’s bigger than oneself. They’re ‘Good As Hell’ songs, real ear-candy, perfect for a pre-jab pump-up, some mid-injection mindfulness, or a lil’ post-Pfizer pandemonium. Essentially, they capture the vibe of the moment and serve as a well-deserved reward for a jab well done, if you will.

Some of the most frequently inclusions on vaccine playlists include: 

In response to the demand for vaccine-related playlists, Spotify themselves created an official ‘Vaccine Songs’ teaming up with COVID Collaborative to dispel myths surrounding COVID-19 and the vaccines. The partnership involves including a link to Get Vaccine Answers directly within the playlist, so listeners can get educated whilst ‘Waiting For The World To Change’.

In the words of Spotify themselves, “get jazzed for the jab with our new playlist” below.