PSA: You Should Be Changing Your Razors A Lot More Than You Are

Shaving with a blunt razor really sucks, and can leave your skin a right mess. Sticking with the same razor without switching it up also increases the risk of skin infection and adult acne, due to a build up of bacteria associated with long-term use. Basically, your razor has a lifespan, and it’s not all that long.

While most guides will suggest replacing your razor every 2-4 weeks, we know as men that this will vary greatly from bloke to bloke, and 2 weeks can mean 2 shaves for some (🙋‍♂️), and 14 shaves for another. A much better guide is to look at the condition of your blades after a certain number of shaves, rather than by time.

According to Gillette (who admittedly sell razors, so want you to top up ASAP), you should be replacing your razor every 5-7 shaves.

Although this is a great guide, if you can visibly see that the blades are blunt, there’s rust on the blades, or an excess build up of gunk that can’t be rinsed out, it’s time to part ways with that razor.

One common mistake men make is leaving their razors in moist areas, such as the shower, which promotes bacteria growth creating a minefield for skin irritation issues. Once you’ve finished shaving, rinse the blade and leave it to air dry, before storing it in a dry place, like the bathroom cupboard.

Razors can be expensive, so following these simple care rules could not only save your face, but your wallet as well.