You Can’t Spell “Make Corona Disappear” Without MASK

Debate strangely still rages about face coverings and their ability to stop the spread of COVID-19. Scientists and the World Health Organisation have found face coverings to reduce the risk of infection, yet research and logic have been met in equal parts by conspiracy theories and freedom-related panic.

The theories are seemingly spreading as rapidly as the virus itself, despite hard evidence such as this weeks report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report highlights the case of two masked hair stylists from Missouri, both confirmed COVID-19 cases, who came into contact with 139 clients. None of these clients contracted the virus.

So what’s the truth behind the coughie filters? Doctor, psychiatry resident, COVID-19 frontliner and Men’s Health Australia cover man, Dr Kieran Kennedy, weighs in.

Image Credit: Instagram/drkierankennedy

Image Credit: Instagram/drkierankennedy

Specific areas of Victoria, Australia (and other parts of the world) now require masks worn whenever we’re outside the home except in specific circumstances.

⭕️ Community transmission, difficultly distancing and reducing further spread are all behind this ⁣
⭕️ Masks must be on when outside the home for the 4 essentials (work/schooling, supplies, exercise, compassionate grounds) ⁣
⭕️ Appropriate cloth masks/face coverings do offer protection ⁣
⭕️ Social distancing and hand hygiene are still really important ⁣

This is a big move. It’s tough, and psychologically those in Victoria are really feeling the brunt of this next wave. Inside & outside the hospital I’ve been hearing everything from frustration, fear, anger and numbness.

What hasn’t helped are some of the mask myths flying around and these only create more anxiety. It’s important we know that the science shows…⁣

❌Masks do NOT cause drops in oxygen or build ups in carbon dioxide for the vast majority ⁣
❌Masks DON’T weaken the immune system ⁣
❌Wearing one does NOT lead to reinfection through your breath ⁣
❌Humidity under masks DOESN’T damage airways⁣
❌A change in advice on masks doesn’t mean it’s wrong (what we know, and the risks, has grown) ⁣
❌Masks are STILL needed if you don’t have symptoms (many have no symptoms) ⁣
❌This isn’t a conspiracy, and doctors aren’t being paid by mask companies (yup, this one is actually making the rounds online..) ⁣

There’s no way around the fact that this is all just super bloody tough. But a face covering will help stop things getting tougher long term and might just save a life.